Jackie Buxton

Time To Push by Jackie Buxton features in the collection: They Lied! True Tales of TM Pregnancy, Childbirth and Breastfeeding.  Available through                                








Time To Push...

“Comedy: a hilarious collection of warm, funny, unexpected stories submitted by talented writers from around the world.  This is a handbook for expectant mothers, those planning to become expectant mothers and a memory book for those who went before.”


I thought this book was great. Amid the overly-medical 'guidance' books and judgemental, cat-fight inducing blogs, this book was a beacon. There's no 'tone' to deal with or anyone forcing their pregnancy views on you -- just real women having a whole bunch of things go wrong and making the best of it. It's also nice to read how you can plan all you want, but be prepared for things to go awry. The best part was, I could relate (on some level) to every single story in the book, and just the commiseration aspect of it was therapeutic!

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