Jackie Buxton

I write because there is no better feeling than inventing an intriguing group of characters and watching as they live, grow and often fight themselves out of whatever this harsh, but sometimes uplifting, life has thrown at them. I find the human psyche to be both amusing and fascinating - particularly when threatened - and if I didn’t use the writing way to channel my observations, there would be no room in my head for the practicalities of life.  


I'm lucky to be involved in many different areas of writing:


* freelance teacher and mentor in all areas of fiction writing and former teacher in Rossett Adult Education

* editor of short stories and novels across the range from sense-check through to fine edit and proof read

* former writer of five years of a double page spread for Chase Magazine, the bi-monthly glossy for the Rotherham Advertiser

* keen blogger with a few prized reader awards

* author of Tea & Chemo, Live Better With's Best Cancer Book 2017, Urbane Pub., Nov' 2015

* author of Glass Houses, Urbane Pub., July 2016

* currently writing: This Remarkable of Days (novel)

* author of short stories published in the anthologies: Seaglass, They Lied! and Stories for Homes as well as Chase Magazine and on-line as competition winners.


When I'm not writing, I'm reading, running, cycling or chilling. I live in Yorkshire with my long-suffering husband and two teenage daughters.


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