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... Jackie Buxton. I'm a teacher, editor and general dogsbody (i.e mother - but they're worth it). I love all kinds of writing but fiction (and blogging) are the best. I'm furiously scribbling the first draft of The Taxi Ride which I intend to have ready for its first big edit on New Year's Day.



Selling books feels good, seeing your book available in Waterstones and other wonderful booky places feels great, but best of all, is when a reader feels compelled to let you know they've enjoyed it. That's what it's all about really. Thank you.




Anit-social driving practices, such as texting at the wheel, are a big theme in Glass Houses in a, 'There but for the grace of God go I,' scenario. I'm in talks with various schools and organisations concerned with safety, about using Glass Houses as a tool to encourage people when they first start driving, that there is never a good enough reason to text from behind the wheel. I didn't plan Glass Houses to be a campaigning tool, but if it could help dissuade just one person from compromising their safety and that of others, that would make me very happy indeed.







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